The BioSolve® Company Opens Subsidiary in Sydney, Australia

The BioSolve® Company, manufactures and distributors of BioSolve® Pinkwater, is pleased to announce the QIV 2013 opening of The BioSolve® Group Australia PTY LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary, registered in New South Wales. The BioSolve® Group Australia (BGA) will be the exclusive supplier of BioSolve® products in both Australia and New Zealand.

BioSolve® products are well known in Australia, having been sold in the region since 1995. “We are fortunate to have had Susan Hollenbeck in Australia for well over a decade. Ms. Hollenbeck has developed product knowledge, market awareness and sales skills that allow her to be highly effective with customers,” remarked James Edgerly, Managing Director for The BioSolve® Company.

The Local Director for BGA is Ms Stefanie Lowe.  She has held senior management and accounting positions with Penguin Management, AWA Ltd, Burns Philip, NEC Australia and Shimadzu Australia.  Stephanie is a member of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants and The Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Ms. Lowe will administer BGA daily operations.

“Our move in Australia from having a distributor to establishing a local company is consistent with what our company has done elsewhere around the world” explained Mr. Edgerly. “In our key markets, we want to maintain inventories near our customers and provide them with excellent customer service.  Sydney is our fifth new stocking location in the past year. And, Susan provides the technical sales and service we need.”

BioSolve® products have been sold for over 30 year for mitigation of hydrocarbon contamination.  The company’s leading product “Pinkwater”, a hydrocarbon mitigation agent, is used by engineering companies, oil producers, and by hazmat teams to address fuel/oil contamination in a wide range of settings. Applications include tank cleaning & degassing, soil remediation, equipment decontamination and emergency spill clean-up.

BioSolve® Pinkwater is widely used in Australia:

  • For suppression of noxious VOC at the Barangaroo remediation on Sydney Harbor,
  • For tank cleaning and degassing on petrol stations and on offshore oil platforms
  • For odor suppression on a wide variety of excavations sites. e.g.;  ex-gasworks, rail yards, chemical plants and oil refineries.
  • For Spill response at ports, petrol stations and bus depots



In Australia – Susan M. Hollenbeck
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