BioSolve® Hydrovent

Developed to provide the nutrients, surfactants and moisture needed to stimulate bioremediation on landfarming projects.


Product Description

BioSolve® Hydrovent is a new product developed for accelerating aerobic bioremediation. Hydrovent is formulated to provide the nutrients, surfactants and moisture needed to stimulate bioremediation on landfarming projects.

  • The surfactants in Hydrovent are themselves “readily biodegradable.” They act to solubilize and emulsify petroleum products, making them more readily available (“improved bioavailability”) to hydrocarbon degrader bacteria that reside in the aqueous phase.
  • The balanced nutrient package in Hydrovent is essential to stimulate and maintain a high level of microbiological activity.

Hydrovent has been proven effective in laboratory testing and field applications. In laboratory testing, the concept of using an integrated formula with BioSolve® Activator surfactants, nutrients and moisture was demonstrated on actual drilling mud contaminated with diesel fuel. Test results showed that bioremediation activity was five times more effective at reducing petroleum hydrocarbons than aeration alone and about 40% more effective than aeration with nutrients.

These results led to the final formulation of Hydrovent and subsequent field at a drilling site in West Texas. The application of Hydrovent achieved an 87% reduction in total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in only 21 days.

The Hydrovent Advantage

  • Improved bioavailability of petroleum hydrocarbons.
  • Stimulates microbiological activity.
  • Accelerates bioremediation.
  • Easy to use; just add water, apply and mix.

When To Use

  • For use on landfarming projects to stimulate aerobic bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons produced during oil drilling or excavated from remediation sites.
  • May also be used for treating small surface spills consistent with local, state and federal regulations
  • For additional information on aerobic bioremediation using BioSolve® products please see Landfarming (add hyperlink) under Applications.

BioSolve® Hydrovent is formulated and sold as a concentrate and is typically applied as an 8% solution.

FIELD APPLICATIONS Pinkwater Clear Activator Hydrovent
Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation
Aerobic Biodegradation of Impacted Soil
Insitu Spill Remediation
Land Farming & Biopiles
Industrial Maintenance
UST & AST Cleaning/Degassing
Subfloor/Interstitular Decomntamination
Vapor/Odor Control
MGP Site & Brownfield Remediation
Excavation in Impacted Soil
Hydrocarbon Spill Response
Spill Clean-Up
Equipment Decontamination