Fire Departments

BioSolve® Pinkwater has been purchased by fire departments since the early 1980’s, initially as a replacement for sprayed foam. Hundreds of fire departments and hazmat teams purchase pails of BioSolve® Pinkwater on a regular basis. Customers include the Fire Department of New York, the Singapore Civil Defense Force, ...

These customers generally undertake training in the use of BioSolve® Pinkwater for explosion hazard reduction, roadside spill clean-up and equipment decontamination. At many fire departments, service vehicles carry pressurized 2.5 gallon fire extinguishers containing 12% Pinkwater solution. Customers in other spill-clean up market segments include:

  • municipal airports

  • power generating utilities

  • automobile manufacturing plants

  • US military bases

BioSolve® Pinkwater Emergency Response Demo


BioSolve® Puts Out Diesel Fuel Fire

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