Biodegradability of BioSolve® Products

All BioSolve® products are water-based formulations that do not contain any hazardous or restricted ingredients. All BioSolve® products are biodegradable.

BioSolve® Pinkwater, and its undyed counterpart, BioSolve® Clear, are made from surfactant ingredients that are moderately persistent in the environment. Biodegradability testing under the guidelines of OECD 301B estimates biodegradation rates based on the generation of CO2 in an environment with plentiful oxygen.

Testing confirms that the first phase of biodegradation of Pinkwater proceeds relatively evenly achieving 60% degradation in about 60 days. Thereafter, degradation proceeds at a slower rate, reaching about 95% degradation after 120 days.

  • 60% in 60 days
  • 95% after 120 days

BioSolve Activator (and its derivative product, BioSolve Hydrovent) was developed in response to changing environmental standards. Specifically, Activator was formulated for rapid degradation and exclusively with ingredients on EPA’s Safer Chemical Inventory List.

Product testing was conducted by a third-party laboratory following the guidelines for biodegradability as outlined in OECD 301B.  Testing results for duplicate samples of BioSolve Activator showed degradation reached:

  • 10% in 3 – 4 days
  • 60% in 8 – 9 days
  • 98% in 28 days

Having achieved these results, BioSolve Activator meets requirements to be classified as being “readily biodegradable”.