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30 Years Trusted Industrial Cleanup

BioSolve® Hydrocarbon Mitigation Agents...

for vapor suppression, odor control, soil remediation, tank cleaning & spill cleanup

Welcome to The BioSolve® Company, manufacturers and worldwide distributors of the leading hydrocarbon mitigation agent™, BioSolve® Pinkwater and related products. BioSolve’s proprietary formulations are manufactured and sold directly to end users (in the US) and through distributors (outside the US). The BioSolve® Company is a proud member of Synthetic Laboratories’ family of products located in Dracut, Massachusetts (US).

BioSolve® products have been used by professionals for over 35 years to solve hydrocarbon contamination problems.

Applications include:

BioSolve® products are the easy to use, effective, environmentally responsible and worker-friendly alternative to both foam sprays, solvent-based cleaners, and caustic solutions.

The BioSolve® Product Line

BioSolve® Pinkwater

An industry leader for over 30 years. Pinkwater’s formulation allows for aggressive emulsification of hydrocarbons for quick & easy cleanup, with our signature magenta dye for traceability.

BioSolve® Clear

Aggressive emulsification properties contribute to this products success in a wide range of applications. Same concentration and performance as Pinkwater, without the traceable magenta dye.

BioSolve® Activator

An updated formulation for in-situ soil remediation. Meets OECD and EPA criteria for being “ready biodegradable” and is formulated with ingredients listed on EPA’s Safer Chemical ingredients list.

BioSolve® Hydrovent

BioSolve® Hydrovent is for accelerating aerobic bioremediation. It was developed to provide the nutrients, surfactants and moisture needed to stimulate bioremediation on landfarming projects.

The Benefits of BioSolve®

Over 30 years of hydrocarbon clean-up

  • Project success is easier and less risky when using BioSolve. In most applications, only standard mixing and spraying equipment is required. No need for fancy chemistry, precise conditions, or specialized equipment.

  • BioSove hydrocarbon mitigation agents are non-hazardous, water-based and biodegradable, containing no caustic, d-limonene or hydrocarbon solvents. A worker-friendly alternative both to foam sprays and solvent-based cleaners.

  • You will enjoy your call to us. We can offer you:

    • Helpful technical assistance
    • Friendly sales service & efficient delivery
    • User friendly & informative documents

BioSolve® Applications


In-Situ Soil Remediation

Vapor Suppression in Cambridge MA - 4f

Vapor Suppression & Odor Control


Tank Cleaning & Degassing

Major Gasoline Spill in Michigan - 4g

Hazmat Spill Clean-Up

NY Transit axle bearings prior to decontamination - 4h

Equipment Decontamination


Aerobic Bioremediation

Our Customer Loyalty Tells the Story

Product Effectiveness is the Core of Our Business

Over 85% of our customers regularly purchase BioSolve® products for their hydrocarbon mitigation needs; many have been customers for over 10 years.

BioSolve® products are available through 5 Distribution Centers across the U.S. and from Master Distributors in 17 foreign countries.

We hope this website is helpful with your decision to purchase the right product for hydrocarbon mitigation. Don’t hesitate to call or email us to discuss the specific requirements of your site or application. BioSolve® is committed to providing responsive, accurate and timely customer service.

  • metropolitan fire departments

  • environmental remediation engineers & contractors

  • industrial maintenance contractors

  • major oil companies

  • automotive and food/beverage manufacturers

  • airports and public utilities

InfoSheets on all BioSolve® products and applications are available from The BioSolve® Company

How to Order

The BioSolve® Company sells proprietary water-based surfactant formulations, shipped only as concentrates from five warehouses across the US in cases, pails, drums or totes.

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BioSolve® products enable the safe and effective suppression or mass removal of hydrocarbons with water.