Understanding Hydrocarbon Mitigation

  • Hydrocarbons (oil/fuel) and water do not like each other. They are “immiscible”. That is, they do not mix.
  • This is why oil and fuel contamination is so difficult to deal with. Water cannot be used to clean up oil or fuel, wash it away, or prevent it from combusting.
  • In fact, using water on a fuel/oil spill will usually just spread the contamination, making the problem even worse.

Therefore, when a BioSolve® solution is mixed into oil/fuel, one will naturally be disbursed into the other. BioSolve® aggressively “grabs” hydrocarbon molecules and holds them in a stable aqueous (water) solution, called an “emulsion”.



BioSolve products being used to accelerate aerobic bioremediation at a tank farm on South Africa

The ability of BioSolve® to pull oil /fuel in a stable aqueous solution means that customers can use our products to address (mitigate) a wide range of oil /fuel related contamination problems:

  • Decontamination

  • Soil Cleaning

  • Vapor Suppression

  • Bioremediation


Real World Usage:

oil spill

In this massive 2012 crude oil spill, BioSolve® Pinkwater was successfully used for hydrocarbon mitigation in three ways:

  1. Suppressing noxious odors that were impacting nearby populations
  2. Cleaning the internal walls of the depleted oil tank
  3. Remediating the oil saturated soil surrounding the tank