Tank Cleaning Companies


Tank cleaning contractors use a wide array of methods and equipment depending on the specifics of their project. No two projects are the same. For many tank cleaning companies, using BioSolve® Pinkwater is an established part of their protocol in specific situations:

  • Cleaning & degassing tanks with highly volatile products: gasoline, condensate

  • Rapid reduction of LEL levels after the bulk of sludge has been removed

  • Reducing LEL levels or removing contamination in interstitial spaces (subfloor, ballast) prior to hot work

  • Rinsing pressure vessels on offshore oil platforms as part of scheduled maintenance

BioSolve® Pinkwater is an approved chemical for on-site work at almost every major oil company as well as at many state-owned oil companies in developing counties. BioSolve® spokespersons have presented talks on tank cleaning at past International Petroleum Environment Conferences (IPEC).


UST service contractors clean and degas tanks during periodic inspections and when tanks are removed and taken out of service. These projects place a premium on safety, ease of use, and effectiveness. Past methods have included using nitrogen, dry ice, venting, and even water. Using high-pressure spray systems (pressure washers, gamma jet) to apply dilute solutions of BioSolve® products makes UST projects easier and safer.

Tank Cleaning & Degassing:

FIELD APPLICATIONS Pinkwater Clear Activator Hydrovent
Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation
Aerobic Biodegradation of Impacted Soil
Insitu Spill Remediation
Land Farming & Biopiles
Industrial Maintenance
UST & AST Cleaning/Degassing
Subfloor/Interstitular Decomntamination
Vapor/Odor Control
MGP Site & Brownfield Remediation
Excavation in Impacted Soil
Hydrocarbon Spill Response
Spill Clean-Up
Equipment Decontamination