BioSolve® Pinkwater, Our Flagship Product

Pinkwater contains no caustic, hydrocarbon solvents, d-limonene or any other hazardous or restricted ingredients.


Product Description

BioSolve Pinkwater was developed and introduced to the market over 30 years ago, and is highly regarded for its reliable performance and ease of use across a wide range of applications as a hydrocarbon mitigation agent.  Like all BioSolve® products, Pinkwater is a water-based formulation of nonionic surfactants and other specialty chemicals.

Pinkwater contains no caustic, hydrocarbon solvents, d-limonene or any other hazardous or restricted ingredients.

Pinkwater’s strongly lipophilic (“oil-loving”) surfactant formulation attacks hydrocarbon mitigation problems in two ways. 

  1. First, it lowers the surface tension in liquids allowing easier spreading or “wetting.”  This functional characteristic releases hydrocarbons from the surfaces they are adsorbed to, including soil particles, hard surfaces and fabrics.
  2. Second, the surfactants in BioSolve® Pinkwater will migrate to the surface of hydrocarbon droplets and, under the right conditions, encapsulate the oil droplet creating a micellar emulsion.

Pinkwater’s initial success as a clean-up agent for roadside fuel spills resulted from its unique formulation as an emulsifier and hard surface cleaner.  When applied to a fuel spill, Pinkwater encapsulates hydrocarbons, dramatically reducing vapor pressure and, when properly agitated, will make the spill non-flammable.  (See Application Information on Emergency Spill Clean-Up).

The Pinkwater Advantage

  • Highly lipophilic (oil-loving) formulation quickly and efficiently emulsifies a wide range oils, fuels and petrochemicals. 
  • Excellent vapor suppression agent for fuel odor control; forms an effective temporary barrier in the soil on contact to prevent volatilization.  Typically used on active sites where maintaining a continuous barrier by using an odor control foam is impractical. 
  • Highly effective hard surface cleaner, leaving no residue on equipment, roadways, floors or internal surfaces in pipelines and tanks.  With no residue, there are no hazardous VOCs or nuisance odors. 
  • Highly stable emulsion allows recovery of hydrocarbon-laden effluent from in-situ soil remediation projects as well as surface washing and tank cleaning with no hydrocarbon residue. 
  • Will not adversely impact wastewater treatment systems.
  • Compatible with many tertiary treatment technologies. 

When To Use

  • As an amendment for in-situ remediation projects after pump & treat systems have become non-productive. Pinkwater will mobilize and emulsify most hydrocarbons for aqueous recovery.
  • For vapor suppression and odor control during excavating or soil mixing in contaminated soil where workers and sensitive receptors may be adversely impacted. Most frequently used during active excavation or soil mixing.
  • For large and small tank and pipeline cleaning. Most frequently used for final cleaning and degassing prior to manned entry or decommissioning.
  • For surface cleaning and equipment decontamination at commercial and industrial sites.
  • Pinkwater works most effectively with low to moderate viscosity hydrocarbons, which can be easily and completely mixed with water to achieve mobilization and emulsification. For highly weathered hydrocarbons and heavy oil products, please call The BioSolve® Company for additional information.

BioSolve® Pinkwater is formulated and sold as a concentrate and is typically applied as a 2% – 6% solution.

FIELD APPLICATIONS Pinkwater Clear Activator Hydrovent
Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation
Aerobic Biodegradation of Impacted Soil
Insitu Spill Remediation
Land Farming & Biopiles
Industrial Maintenance
UST & AST Cleaning/Degassing
Subfloor/Interstitular Decomntamination
Vapor/Odor Control
MGP Site & Brownfield Remediation
Excavation in Impacted Soil
Hydrocarbon Spill Response
Spill Clean-Up
Equipment Decontamination