Vapor Suppression & Odor Control

BioSolve® Pinkwater or BioSolve® Activator offer a safe, simple, cost-effective method vapor suppression and odor control.

Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions inevitably result when excavation takes place in hydrocarbon impacted soils. The odors resulting from these emissions my simply be a public nuisance or could pose a health hazard to workers and the general public. BioSolve® Pinkwater or BioSolve® Activator offer a safe, simple, cost-effective method vapor suppression and odor control at remediation and brownfield excavation sites by suppressing VOCs at the source – on the soil surface.

Pinkwater and Activator work by encapsulating hydrocarbons and “locking” VOCs in the soil, allowing work to continue unabated. In tests conducted at Tufts University (Medford, MA) hydrocarbon VOCs were reduced by 99+% compared to treatment with water or no treatment at all. Odor suppression remained effective for almost 60 minutes before gradually returning. Pinkwater is an excellent product for most sites. For environmentally sensitive areas, Activator may be preferred as it is readily biodegradable and is formulated from ingredients on EPA’s Safer Chemical Inventory List.


  • Reduce nuisance odors and harmful VOCs to protect works and neighbors
  • Minimize or eliminate odor complaints, especially at urban sites
  • Keep project on schedule by avoiding shutdowns

The BioSolve® Advantage

  • Ideal for odor control during active excavation
  • Works by “locking” VOCs in the soil; no need to use odor suppression foam to maintain a “blanket” for control
  • Can be applied in wet or windy conditions and on vertical surfaces
  • Requires only standard equipment: mixing tank, hoses, pressure washer

Application Guidelines

  • Prepare a 4% solution of Pinkwater or Activator in a suitable mixing tank
  • Apply with a pressure washing system using a coarse spray and moderate pressure at a flow rate of about 2 gpm (7.5 liters/min) or higher.
  • Apply to newly exposed contaminated soil in the active work area until surface is wet but not “runny.” If possible apply to soil in bucket as well as newly exposed soil.
  • Apply continuously or intermittently as dictated by the level of odor.
  • For large sites with multiple excavators, budget one sprayer and operator for each excavator. Depending on site conditions, some sites may also require stationary misters.

For small areas and stationary piles:

  • Apply at the rate of about 1-gallon dilute solution per 30 square feet (10 liters per 7.5 square meters)
  • Reapply when soil surface becomes dry or odor is again detected
  • For active excavations and large work areas, apply continuously using multiple pressure washer systems. Some sites may require stationary misters.
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