The BioSolve® Product Line

BioSolve® Pinkwater

An industry leader for over 30 years. Pinkwater’s aggressive emulsification properties contribute to its success in a wide range of applications. Formulated with our signature magenta dye for traceability.

BioSolve® Clear

Aggressive emulsification properties contribute to this products success in a wide range of applications. Same concentration and performance as Pinkwater, without the traceable magenta dye.

BioSolve® Activator

An updated formulation for in-situ soil remediation. Meets OECD and EPA criteria for being “ready biodegradable” and is formulated with ingredients listed on EPA’s Safer Chemical ingredients list.

BioSolve® Hydrovent

BioSolve® Hidrovent is a developmental product has been successful in pilot tests for accelerating ex-situ aerobic bioremediation. It was designed for the treatment of sludge, drilling muds and drill cutting.

FIELD APPLICATIONS Pinkwater Clear Activator Hydrovent
Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation
Aerobic Biodegradation of Impacted Soil
Insitu Spill Remediation
Land Farming & Biopiles
Industrial Maintenance
UST & AST Cleaning/Degassing
Subfloor/Interstitular Decomntamination
Vapor/Odor Control
MGP Site & Brownfield Remediation
Excavation in Impacted Soil
Hydrocarbon Spill Response
Spill Clean-Up
Equipment Decontamination