Hazmat & Emergency Spill Clean Up

BioSolve® Pinkwater eliminates fire and explosion hazard when sprayed directly onto a fuel spill.

The most important challenge for first responders to non-ignited, Class B spills is to reduce the risk of fire and explosion that result from the accidental release of volatile hydrocarbons, such as gasoline.

BioSolve® Pinkwater eliminates fire and explosion hazard when sprayed directly onto a fuel spill. Aggressive agitation with a course stream of Pinkwater solution encapsulates the fuel, reducing volatilization and causing LEL readings to immediately decline, possibly registering “0.” Application of Pinkwater also facilitates roadway cleanup and eliminates hazardous oil sheen.


  • Reduce fire and explosion risk; make site safe for clean-up
  • Eliminate noxious vapors
  • Contain and control spill for easy clean-up
  • Reduce potential for environment risk

The BioSolve® Advantage

  • An easy-to-use substitute for foam systems for fuel spill clean up
  • With agitation, encapsulates fuels and other hydrocarbons to dramatically reduce vapors
  • Solubilizes hydrocarbons so they can be recovered as an aqueous solution during fuel spill clean-up
  • Used by fire departments and emergency response teams across the US and in foreign countries
  • Water-based, biodegradable and non-corrosive oil spill cleanup products
  • Uses standard fire department equipment (educator, pressure washer, etc)

Application Guidelines

Small Spills

Use a 12% solution in a water extinguisher or backpack-type sprayer; cover the spill working in a circular motion from the outside; then, agitate thoroughly with a coarse stream of water

Larger Spills

Educt a 6% solution of BioSolve® Pinkwater through a fire hose working around the spill from the outside to the middle. 

Closed Sewer and Storm Drain Spills

Aggressively flood spill with Pinkwater solution using a fire hose, or apply full strength followed immediately by plenty of water to thoroughly mix the fuel, Pinkwater and water.

Effluent Management

It is always preferable to recover contaminated effluent from a spill site to be treated and disposed of at a qualified wastewater treatment facility.  However, if the spill occurs on soil or effluent from a roadway clean-up is washed into a nearby culvert, it may be possible to treat the residual effluent using aerobic bioremediation if permitted by local, state and federal regulation.  For more information about treating effluent using bioremediation, please contact The BioSolve® Company.

If storing Pinkwater solution in standard water extinguishers, call The BioSolve® Company for extinguisher labels

BioSolve® will not make fuel spills non-flammable until thoroughly agitated with water!

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