Equipment Decontamination & Degreaser

Equipment decontamination and cleaning with BioSolve® Pinkwater helps maintain equipment in good working order.

Equipment decontamination and cleaning with BioSolve® Pinkwater helps maintain equipment in good working order, reduces unnecessary exposure to hazardous materials for workers and eliminates “slipping hazards” on hard surfaces. Furthermore, cleaning with Pinkwater minimizes regulatory requirements associated with handling and disposing of caustic and hazardous solvents found in many cleaners.

BioSolve® Pinkwater is a proprietary water-based formula that aggressively “grabs” oil and grease from hard-to-clean surfaces and holds these contaminants in a stable emulsion that will not redeposit on the surface. In most situations, surfaces are free of oily residue after a single wash and rinse.

Pinkwater is used for cleaning tools and equipment decontamination at remediation sites, in refineries, on drilling rigs, following spill cleanup, and in industrial maintenance operations. Generally applied with standard pressure washing equipment.  Most oil and grease build-up can be washed away on contact. For more severe contamination, a hot water system may yield better results.


  • Remove oily or greasy residue from equipment, roadways, warehouse floors, loading docks, and more.
  • Clean contamination from expensive protective gear
  • Avoid use of harsh chemicals such as hydrocarbon solvents and caustic

The BioSolve® Advantage

  • Water-based product: easy to use, safe for workers and gentle on the environment
  • Easy to mix and apply, using standard mixing tanks and pressure washers
  • Emulsifies and solubilizes oil and grease on the surface
  • Leaves no oily residue on the cleaned surface
  • Used in low concentrations
  • Long storage life

Application Guidelines

  • Prepare a working solution of Pinkwater from 2% to 6% depending on the level of contamination. Use hot water or steam for heavy or weathered contamination.
  • Apply with a pressure washer (2000 – 5000 psi) protecting equipment that is sensitive to water.
  • Dried, baked on oil or grease may require some scrubbing.
  • May be used in industrial laundry equipment to wash PPE contaminated with hydrocarbons. For a 20-gallon capacity washer, add about 1 quart of Pinkwater.

When cleaning contaminated equipment with Pinkwater, cleaning effluent should be collected for treatment and disposal as it may contain wastes that could be classified as hazardous.

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