The BioSolve® Company Adding New Bioremediation Product

Boston, MA – The BioSolve® Company announced today it has taken a major step towards adding a new bioremediation product to its product line. The company carries a line of proprietary surfactant products used in a wide range of applications relating to hydrocarbon decontamination and clean up.

Earlier this week, the company successfully concluded negotiations with a Maryland business that has exclusive rights to the products, tentatively called “Benevent“. The product is a formulation of ingredients that are known to jumpstart or accelerate bioremediation of oil/fuel contamination. The product is compliant with today’s demanding standards for health, safety and the environment.

The BioSolve® product line, including Pinkwater®, Clear, FOGwash® and Activator® are all formulated with highly lipophilic surfactants and performance additives. Most well known is Pinkwater, widely used by fire departments, hazmat teams, environmental engineers, and contractors working on decontamination projects for the oil industry. “Pinkwater’s” largest applications are “vapor suppression” and “in-situ soil remediation”. Vapor suppression (often referred to as odor control) is required when excavating, processing or transporting contaminated soils, either at brownfield construction sites or on soil remediation projects. In-situ soil remediation is used to remove residual petroleum contaminants from the soil without excavation.

Benevent” is available for trial applications from The BioSolve® Company. However, the company’s main focus for the product in the immediate future will be lab and field testing to develop information necessary for commercialization.

After signing the deal that brings “Benevent” into the BioSolve® product line, Jim Edgerly, a Managing Director at BioSolve, states “We have had our eye on this product for a long time. Now it is ours to test, promote, and introduce to our customers and Master Distributors. It’s an excellent complement to the other products in our line. Our partners on the supply-side of this project are very enthusiastic”.

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