Introducing BioSolve® Activator ™

The newest member of the BioSolve® family of dependable remediation products

Lexington, MA. – ACTIVATOR provides engineers, regulators, consultants and contractors with a NEW high-performance surfactant formulation that mobilizes and emulsifies NAPL for improved subsurface soil remediation.

ACTIVATOR is formulated to comply with EPA’s new Safer Choice program, requiring BOTH competitive performances AND improved health and environmental profile. This new BioSolve® product is formulated with alcohol ethoxylates and other specialty chemicals, all of which have been designated “products of low concern” on EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredients List. As part of the final Safer Choice review, examiners consider factors such as toxicology, aquatic toxicity, biodegradability, physical safety as well as specific applications and concentration in use.


ACTIVATOR was developed with three objectives:

  1. Meet or exceed the remediation performance of BioSolve® Pinkwater®;
  2. Meet or exceed European REACH regulations on biodegradability; and,
  3. Maintain end-user economics comparable to other BioSolve® remediation products.


ACTIVATOR was four years in the making. Working with the same team of chemists who developed the original Pinkwater formulation, The BioSolve® Company evaluated four generations of the new formulations before settling on ACTIVATOR.

Bench-scale testing of product effectiveness began in 2012. Working with our technology partner at Tufts University, Dr. Andrew Ramsburg (Director of Tufts’ Integrated Multiphase Environmental Systems Laboratory), we conducted numerous column tests with a variety of media and contaminants to demonstrate the effectiveness of ACTIVATOR. These column tests show that under laboratory conditions, ACTIVATOR outperforms Pinkwater in terms of both the rate of mass removal and total mass removal.


Field trials of ACTIVATOR for in-situ soil remediation were initiated in 2014, with a focus on achieving efficient mass removal of NAPL. Based on the outstanding results of these trials, commercial sales of ACTIVATOR commenced in the summer of 2015 along with efforts to register the product under Safer Choice.

For an introductory period, ACTIVATOR will be sold at the same price as Pinkwater notwithstanding the higher cost of ingredients.

For additional information or to request a sample, please contact The BioSolve® Company.