Importance of Fuel Oil Storage Tank Cleaning


Proper cleaning of fuel oil storage tank is one of the most important procedures for its maintenance. Fuel oil storage cleaning is essential due to multiple reasons.

  • Change of petroleum product inside the fuel
  • For regulatory purposes to meet compliance
  • For maintenance and repair work

A dirty tank could lead to severe risks and hazards.

  • The residue of fuel which accumulates over the time could cause fire and explosion.
  • Accumulation of sediments and moisture degrades the quality of fuel to monumental proportions.
  • Moisture also causes collection of water inside the fuel tank and could cause rusting of tank leading to damage and seepage.

Hence, it is imperative to make sure that the fuel oil storage tank is cleaned at regular intervals. The frequency of cleaning depends on the frequency at which the tank is filled or emptied. If the tank is filled and emptied frequently, then there is greater accumulation of silt, sediments and moisture.

The cleaning procedure is a high risk task and should be done by trained and experienced professionals. Hence, always look for a service provider who is experienced and has well trained professionals to execute the job. Check out whether requisite license, adherence to safety measures, insurance and proper equipment are available with the service provider or not to make the right decision.