Importance of Fuel Oil Storage Tank Cleaning

Proper cleaning of fuel oil storage tank is one of the most important procedures for its maintenance. Fuel oil storage cleaning is essential due to multiple reasons.

  • Change of petroleum product inside the fuel
  • For regulatory purposes to meet compliance
  • For maintenance and repair work

A dirty tank could lead to severe risks and hazards.

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The BioSolve® Company Adding New Bioremediation Product

Boston, MA - The BioSolve Company announced today it has taken a major step towards adding a new bioremediation product to its product line. The company carries a line of proprietary surfactant products used in a wide range of applications relating to hydrocarbon decontamination and clean up.

Introducing BioSolve® Activator ™

The newest member of the BioSolve family of dependable remediation products

Lexington, MA. – ACTIVATOR provides engineers, regulators, consultants and contractors with a NEW high performance surfactant formulation that mobilizes and emulsifies NAPL for improved subsurface soil remediation.

BioSolve Clear Approved by IMO for Use as Cargo Tank Cleaning Additive

Lexington, MA. – The BioSolve Company (TBC), manufacturers and distributors of a line of Hydrocarbon Mitigation Agents™ is pleased to announce that BioSolve Clear was recently approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for use as a Cargo Tank Cleaning Additive. The BioSolve Company will be added to Annex 10 of the MEPC.2.Circ on its next publication.

BioSolve Pinkwater Selected for Long Island Railroad Groundwater Remediation

Lexington, MA. – The BioSolve Company (TBC), manufacturers and distributors of BioSolve Pinkwater® Hydrocarbon Mitigation Agent™, was selected by Laurel Environmental Associates (Huntington Station, NY) to supply BioSolve Pinkwater for groundwater remediation at Long Island Railroad’s (LIRR) Holban Yard.

The BioSolve Company Opens Subsidiary in Sydney, Australia

The BioSolve Company, manufactures and distributors of BioSolve Pinkwater, is pleased to announce the QIV 2013 opening of The BioSolve Group Australia PTY LTD, a wholly owned subsidiary, registered in New South Wales. The BioSolve Group Australia (BGA) will be the exclusive supplier of BioSolve products in both Australia and New Zealand. 

BioSolve Opens Three New Master Distributors

The BioSolve Company is pleased to announce that during 2012 the company completed new Master Distributor arrangements in three international locations: the Philippines, South Korea, and Panama. These additions bring the number of countries with BioSolve Master Distributors to fifteen.

The BioSolve Company Announces Nationwide Network of Distribution Centers Is Up and Running

The BioSolve Company announced that its nationwide network of distribution centers is now up and running. With associated support systems and product inventories now in place, the company is able to provide customers with overnight or second day delivery to virtually any site in the US.